Old Discussion: Python Implementation? (Bugzilla:Languages)

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at gmail.com
Fri May 17 15:41:49 UTC 2013

Le 17. 05. 13 16:57, Kent Rogers a écrit :
> 4.4 was supposed to be released months ago.  4.4rc2 finally came out in
> February but I have not heard *anything* about the prospects for the final
> release since then.  I don't hang out on IRC, but I don't recall anything
> being posted here, on the bugzilla.org web site, or on the Bugzilla Wiki.

Did you read
https://plus.google.com/104215203522965843895/posts/Y1wV69vic8r ?

> The Roadmap on the Bugzilla Wiki hasn't been updated since 2010 (and
> doesn't even list 4.4), and the IRC Meeting page on the wiki lists the next
> IRC meeting as taking place on 2/15/12!

The fact that we did no meeting since February 2012 is because this is
no longer needed. We did them because there was a lot of work going on
in parallel for Bugzilla 3.0, but now the back-end code rewrite is now
complete and such meetings are no longer necessary.

Everyone is free to start a fork of Bugzilla and rewrite it in Python.
But IMO, that's a whole separate project.


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