Adding See also to bugs

rojanu aliustek at
Wed May 15 17:03:48 UTC 2013

Hi I am writing a class to import bugs from a bug tracker

I need to update the see also field of the bugs, I have 

  foreach my $ids (@$result){
    my ($bug_id, $see_also) = @$ids;
    my $bug = Bugzilla::Bug->check($bug_id);
      $self->debug("Linking Bugs: $bug_id <-> $see_also");
      my %set_all_fields;

      $set_all_fields{who}      = $self->config('default_assignee');
      $set_all_fields{see_also}->{add} = [$see_also];


But this fields are not enough to update the bug as the DB constraints are not satisfied.  What other fields do I need?

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