Old Discussion: Python Implementation? (Bugzilla:Languages)

Simon Green sgreen at redhat.com
Wed May 1 00:42:43 UTC 2013

On 01/05/13 09:52, lindsay wrote:
> Perl 5 cannot be maintained for another 20 years.

Says who? Perl 5 is still actively developed and maintained, just as
much as any other modern development language.

> If your plan for Bugzilla's progress is to have Bugzilla communicate via
> RESTful interfaces (or whatever replaces REST), then yes, the codebase
> inside those interfaces can be with us for a great many years.

Enhance Bugzilla WebServices to allow data access using REST

> If your plan
> for progress involves a fair bit of extension to the core codebase, then a
> plugins structure would be a good investment.  Python has a good story when
> it comes to plugins.

Bugzilla's extension framework is not great, but it is pretty good. It
does about 80% of what bugzilla.redhat.com (which I help maintain) needs
it to do.

> So I think that's the issue.  Is the core stable/done, or will it grow
> significantly ?

It definitely is not 'done'. There are 2,353 open bugs in the upstream
project, and while all of them probably won't be implemented, a lot of
them will be.

In all honesty, I think porting Bugzilla to another language is a bad
idea. Bugzilla is 14½ years old now. I'm sure writing a new bug tracking
system from scratch (with a converter of course), is going to be better
than trying to keep up with the constant changes of the Bugzilla code base.

This of course, is no small task.


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