Questions from a junior programmer

Mark Côté mcote at
Tue Mar 12 14:26:49 UTC 2013

On 2013-03-12 7:44 AM, Frédéric Buclin wrote:
> Le 12. 03. 13 04:13, syho0426 at a écrit :
>> I am a beginner. Which project is the easiest for me? for instance,
>> which project has the easiest-to-learn structure, very tiny code
>> modularization? which project has the fewest lines of code?
> It really depends on the languages you are familiar with. Bugzilla uses
> Perl, Firefox and Thunderbird use C/C++/JS/....
> I'm not sure that working on a project you know nothing about is really
> useful. If you have no interest in bug tracking systems, don't work on
> Bugzilla; if you have no interest in email clients, don't work on
> Thunderbird, etc... I don't think you can improve your programming
> skills without some minimal interest to the project you are
> contributing. So besides the languages you are familiar with, your 2nd
> question should be: what are you interested in? Web browsers, email
> clients, bug tracking systems?
There are a variety of smaller projects too, within Web Dev, Automation
& Tools, and other groups.  You can use the Bugs Ahoy tool
( to see what's out there in
whatever languages and areas you are interested in.


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