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That's an interesting idea.

On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 3:43 PM, Simon Green <sgreen at> wrote:

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> Hi all,
> For those that do not know me, I'm one of the developers for Red Hat
> Bugzilla, and live and work in Brisbane. I hang out in #bugzilla with
> the nick simon, and have submitted a couple of patches upstream.
> As the second largest known Bugzilla installation, we have plenty of
> customisations. One thing I am considering is some sort of 'rules
> engine' that runs after bugs are created or updated.
> Examples of rules would be:
> If the bug has flagA+ and flagB+, set flagC to +, and make a comment
> If product is I or J, and component is K or L, add group M
> If bug is in group X, add user Y to the CC: list
> Up until now, we have been writing extension code using the
> bug_end_of_update and bug_end_of_create hooks, and this is becoming a
> bit unmaintainable.
> The rules don't need to be run instantly, so I'm thinking about using
> the job queue. I would store the bug id, whether it was a create or
> update, user making the change or reporting the bug, and the timestamp
> (so we wouldn't get hit by the issue of rows being added in the job
> queue before the bug update is committed to the database).
> I'm wondering if other Bugzilla installations have looked at some sort
> of rules engine that takes a series of criteria and performs an action
> if the bug matches the criteria?
> Alternatively, does anyone know of a CPAN module that can be used to
> define a set of rules. I'm sure something exists, but my Internet
> searching isn't returning anything useful. Ideally it would work with
> objects, so I can use any part of the Bugzilla::Bug object, and by
> extension the Bugzilla::User of the reporter or the person making the
> change.
> Any thoughts or wisdom shared is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
>   -- simon
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