How do I process column values after retrieval, but before display in buglist.cgi?

Matthew Bogosian mtb19 at
Mon Jan 7 01:32:45 UTC 2013

This is an extension authoring newbie question. Actually there are two questions:

1. How do I use multiple source columns to create a single output column in buglist.cgi?
2. How do I format values after retrieval but before display in buglist.cgi (ideally using only hooks without modifying default templates)?

Specifically, I want to collapse the values from two distinct columns into a single value for display on buglist.cgi. For example, let's say I want like <pseudocode>printf("%s (%s)", rep_platform, op_sys);</pseudocode> to display as a single column called "Env" in my search results.

I looked into overriding buglist_columns and/or buglist_column_joins in an extension, but these do not appear to allow post-processing multiple undisplayed columns to create a single value (unless I use SQL to do the formatting, which I'm reluctant to do).

Any guidance is greatly appreciated....


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