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Marc Schumann wurblzap at
Fri Dec 6 06:49:38 UTC 2013

emailsuffix could be a GUI-only thing imo. Meaning, addresses get
translated in and out, but handled as full addresses internally. This might
reconcile positions.

No idea whether or how much this affects the current state of affairs in
Bugzilla code, though.

2013/12/6 Gervase Markham <gerv at>

> > I'm not sure why you want to remove "emailsuffix" as you force everyone
> > to type their full email address on user account creation, even for
> > installations which all use the same domain name for their accounts.
> I think everyone's very used to this when signing up for or logging in
> to sites. And keeping it seems to me to lead to increased complexity
> both in the implementation and in the UI. Where and when does
> emailsuffix get applied? If emails and logins are linked, which of them
> in the database has the emailsuffix included? If one and not the other,
> they cannot be assumed to be the same even when they are the same. And
> so on.
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