Update on moving Bugzilla to git

Mark Côté mcote at mozilla.com
Tue Dec 10 21:16:10 UTC 2013

Just wanted to give a brief update on the plan to transition to git to
assure all that it is still progressing.

I've fleshed out the wiki page[1], including a step-by-step plan.  I've
got a one-time migration script working based on [2] that preserves the
bug ID commit metadata, although I need to tweak it slightly to only
annotate commits that don't reference the bug mentioned in the metadata
(the original script does this, but I need to change it to Bugzilla's
standard).  An example of the resulting migration for bmo/4.2 is at [3].

Finally, I have a git-to-bzr.pl script working based on the previous
migration script, bzr-to-cvs.pl[4].  I will be posting it for review
very soon.


[1]: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Migrating_to_git
[2]: http://www.fusonic.net/en/blog/2013/03/26/migrating-from-bazaar-to-git/
[3]: https://github.com/markrcote/bmo
[4]: http://bzr.mozilla.org/bzr-plugins/bzr-to-cvs/view/head:/bzr-to-cvs.pl
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