InnoDB fulltext index

yakoub sting606 at
Wed Sep 26 12:03:05 UTC 2012

fulltext index sql syntax is not compatible across different databases
so code written for mysql won't run on postgres

web framework usually have search api interface like django haystack

Frédéric Buclin wrote:
> Le 26. 09. 12 08:12, Jochen Wiedmann a écrit :
>> FYI: With MySQL 5.6, the InnoDB engine is now supporting full text
>> indixes. Perhaps, this might be an opportunity for some code
>> simplifications. Requiring 5.6 as the MySQL version seems fine to me.
> MySQL 5.6 didn't reach the Release Candidate stage yet and so is not
> stable. We cannot require 5.6 before a long time, because older distros
> will still have an older version of MySQL. It will probably take 2 years
> before we can require such a new version. And before we require 5.6, we
> also have to make sure that MariaDB also supports this feature.
> LpSolit
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