Adding bugzilla in our lamp stack

Divij Satra divij at
Thu Sep 13 10:31:58 UTC 2012


I am the developer of Webuzo.We are planning to add bugzilla in our lamp
stack as one click install.

WEBUZO is LAMP stack which is specially designed for the CLOUD.
The goal is to provide solution providers with the ability to easily
launch, manage, and maintain a number of popular application and
development stacks for their customers.
Softaculous It comes with Softaculous auto-installer. More than 250
open-source scripts can be installed with a single click of a button on
production servers. Scripts are well categorized so the users can install
the Apps as per their requirement easily. Updates of scripts are regularly
provided by WEBUZO, users can also update their current installation with
just the click of a button.

We are facing an issue of :"cannot determine local time zone".
We have install all perl module regarding Date/Timezone.

We are ready with our package to launch just want to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Divij Satra,
Webuzo Team(Softaculous ltd).
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