Self-Introduction: Nicolas Bize

Nicolas Bize nicolasbize at
Fri Oct 26 11:45:54 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

My name is Nicolas Bize (usually called Nico). I live in Toulouse, Southern
France. I currently work as a remote engineer for Qualys.
I currently work mainly on a product called WAS (Web Application Scanning)
that runs on a j2ee / extJs platform.
I have good experience with the .Net world, sold my own software to one of
the biggest insurance company in Europe.
I have worked mostly on web apps for the past 5 years, mostly java and php
based. I do some RoR on my free time.
I graduated from a french engineering school in networks /
telecommunications and ended up doing extensive C / C++ for Airbus after

On a personal side, I am married with two boys ages 1 & 3. I love tennis
and programming.
My first computer was a 286 / 20Mhz on which I hosted / tweaked a BBS in
San Francisco a couple years back. (Don't ask me to provide ANSI art though

Anyways, we use Bugzilla at work and I'd be happy to free a bit of time to
help out with bugs / features!

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