Secure-by-default APIs

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Oct 24 13:48:39 UTC 2012

A confidential information leak bug (bug 803992, still hidden) has 
recently been reported against a template shipped with BzAPI. There have 
been other similar bugs recently. These bugs have the common factor that 
a template called an API to get some data, and was given data that the 
currently logged-in user was not supposed to see. The template was, 
apparently, responsible for implementing whatever checks are necessary 
to filter the data, but did not do so.

I would like to suggest that this is an anti-pattern. We should instead 
be creating APIs which are "secure by default", i.e. they return only 
data the currently-logged-in user is permitted to see. If an API for 
returning all the data is necessary, we should have a separate one, with 
a known marking so uses of those APIs in the codebase can be audited. I 
will suggest, as a straw man, the pattern that e.g. "object.things" be 
the secure version, and "object.all_things" be the insecure version.

It will not be obvious or simple to transition fully to this kind of 
model, and we would need to do so in stages and as time permits. But it 
seems to me that sticking with the current system is going to lead to 
people - both Bugzilla devs and those making custom templates for their 
own systems - to create information leak bugs again and again. People 
cannot be expected to know that when you call object.things, you then 
need to manually remove all things which are in group 23 (or whatever) 
before displaying the list to the user.


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