Self-Introduction: Anna Pakkala

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Mon Oct 15 10:20:20 UTC 2012

Hello everyone!

Name: Anna Pakkala
irc nick: rocknroll 
country: Finland
Job title: Specialist, Fault Management
Company: Nokia

I’d like to contribute to loads of things, but mainly would like to introduce usability enhancements, as those are the things we have been furiously working on at Nokia. 
Historical qualifications:
	* I have 10+ years of software development experience in several languages, lately mainly perl. I am a web developer through and through, with skills in css, html, html5, javascript & ajax as well as server side scripting languages and databases (and some other stuff) ☺
	* I have worked on Bugzilla exclusively for about a year, with most of our development activities focused on extensions, NOT the core Bugzilla. Current version of our bz is 4.02.

At Nokia we use 4 different, heavily customized Bugzilla instances with about a thousand users in all. We have quite specific needs for our fault management, so during this past year we have introduced some great new functionality that I think would benefit the whole Bugzilla community. We have lots of ideas!

So, I now have an officially sanctioned, Bugzilla community allotted slice of my time that I can (and should) use for the benefit of Bugzilla  :)

Anna Pakkala
Specialist, Fault Management
SD Nokia Lumia Quality/SWES

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