Self-Introduction: Roger Lipp and a ruby command-line tool for bugzilla

Lipp, Roger D (Mission Critical Linux) roger.lipp at
Mon Oct 1 04:46:58 UTC 2012

Let me introduce myself. My name is Roger Lipp. I'm in sunny San Jose, California working for Hewlett-Packard.
I'm interested in helping out with the WebServices API for bugzilla. I've been working in Perl for longer than I'd really care to admit. I also do webservices with RoR and django.

I have been struggling to get a command-line tool to interface to bugzilla webservices through a corporate firewall.  I love the "bugzilla" cli tool that is part of the bugzilla package (I believe this was provided in order to demonstrate the webservices interface).  But I was not able to get it to work through our firewall. After searching through Google for a while, I decided to write a simple tool that was based on a firewall-friendly xmlrpc library. For this I chose to use "ruby". I kept the script simple enough to easily expose the method of using WebServices, while functional enough to be useful.

I would love to contribute my work to bugzilla, perhaps as a "ruby example of using the webservices api", or as a command-line interface that works behind a corporate firewall.

Is this of interest?

Thank you,
Roger Lipp
roger.lipp at<mailto:roger.lipp at>

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