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Thanks for your contribution!  For best results and to make sure it doesn't get lost, the best place to put a patch is to file a bug in our Bugzilla ( if there isn't already a similar bug filed there (in which case, use the existing bug) and attach the patch to the bug.

The added icons sounds kind of cool...  I suspect this part would be best implemented as an extension.  Some people like things simple and wouldn't want the extra flashiness. :)  It sounds like something that might be doable with a stylesheet supplied by the extension, although the css classes themselves probably need to be added in the core templates as you've done to make it work. 

These are two distinct features...  not sure how feasible it would be to separate them into separate patches when they get posted on Bugzilla?  Usually works better that way.

"Radosław Smogura" <mail at> wrote:

>I would like to send patch, I created mainly for my (almost) personal 
>Bugzilla. The changes adds following functionality:
>1. Add some icons to status, severity and priority (actually new style 
>classes may be used).
>2. Add possibility to redirect user to external registration page 
>(which may be used in large sites, with single-sing on like features).
>For 1. I add style class with constant prefix and postfix generated 
>form e.g. bug status, so to add e.g new icons to new statuses 
>administrator need just to code new style class.
>I send patch, without icons, but with sample .css. The patch was 
>created with bzr diff against 4.2 version. The patch was taken from my 

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