Coordination between developers in the Mozilla projects

Tengy Td duret.tanguy at
Fri Nov 2 11:13:15 UTC 2012


I am a French student and I am currently realizing my final thesis in the
field of Free/libre open source software.

It would be a great help for me if you could answer a short online survey
(it should take approximately 5 minutes).

 This survey is designed to reach a better understanding of the cooperation
and coordination between developers in Free/libre open source projects.

There is no right or wrong answers, therefore, feel free to answer
spontaneously and to skip the questions you feel you do not want to answer.

The link to the survey is:

I would like to remind you that the participation is absolutely anonymous
and voluntary, and you can quit it at any time. Your answers will be
strictly confidential and will be used only for research purpose (no
commercial use of any information you provided).

If you find this survey interesting, you are welcome to share it with other

If you want to add something, or if you need further information about this
survey, feel free to contact me at: tanguy.duret at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and your enthusiasm! :)

Tanguy Duret
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