Using Text::Xslate as an alternative to Template::Toolkit?

Byron Jones glob at
Thu Mar 8 08:09:32 UTC 2012

David Miller wrote:
> Byron Jones wrote on 3/6/12 11:29 PM:
>> for mod_perl, we don't currently cache anything between requests; it may be better to investigate retaining compiled templates across requests, as well as looking into a backend (backed by mod_perl or memcached) for caching generated html fragments between requests.
> We do a lot of user-specific stuff...  gotta wonder how much of the
> caching is negated by the amount of data we throw at the templates which
> changes for every user that looks at it...
we'd cache fragments of html, not the entire page.

for example, comments are immutable, so if we were to store the 
html-ised form in memcache, we could avoid a db lookup, linkification, 
and template rendering.

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