[LISTADMIN] Migrating bugzilla.org mailing lists to Mailman

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Thu Apr 12 03:29:29 UTC 2012

The details are at:

We've been meaning to do this for a long time, and faced with impending
deadlines of losing the machine it's currently hosted on, now's a good
time to go ahead and finish the job.  This will probably be happening
sometime in the next week.  I'll post again when we have a specific date

bugzilla.org's mailing lists are currently hosted in Majordomo2.  This
was a ground-up rewrite of Majordomo several years ago, which was both
long overdue and way ahead of its time.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been
getting a lot of maintenance in recent years, never got a lot of the UI
love it needed, and having never gotten an official release because of
the developers being scared of having to do tech support, it never
really took off.

Every attempt will be made to preserve the subscriber lists, the
archives, and the daily-vs-digest settings.  Other individual settings
you might have had on your subscription might be lost.  You will
probably get a welcome mail stating you've been subscribed via the new
list manager, and that will include your new password for accessing the
list manager's web interface.  Majoromodo2 followed good practices and
encrypted your passwords, so we have no way to migrate those.  You're
welcome to log in and change your password as soon as you receive the
new one.

The list headers will change.  It is almost guaranted that you will need
to adjust any mail filters you might have for identifying th emailing
list traffic.

The URL used to access the list manager will change, though we'll try to
get a redirect in place for it from the old one.  I'll announce the new
URL after it exists (in the same announcement with the cutover date)

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