Free licenses of utility Bug Shooting for all Bugzilla developers

alexej at alexej at
Sun May 22 16:37:51 UTC 2011

Hello Bugzilla developers,

My name is Alexej Hirsch and i am the developer of Bug Shooting a
screen capture utility for software developers (see
You can use Bug Shooting to create screenshots and attach them to work
items of different bug tracking systems. Since version 2.6.1 Bug
Shooting supports Bugzilla.

I want support the Bugzilla developer community by making a donation
to you all. I want to provide a free license of Bug Shooting to each
Bugzilla developer who is interesting in using the utility.

My offer is limited to the period of time between 05/22/2011 and

If you are interested in a free license of Bug Shooting please mail to
me at alexej at between 05/22/2011 and 05/31/2011 and i
will provide you the license fully free of charge.


Best Regards
Alexej Hirsch
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