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Scott Albright scott.albright at
Sun May 1 02:27:45 UTC 2011

On Apr 18, 1:35 pm, Max Kanat-Alexander <mka... at> wrote:
>         Hey everybody! I just wanted to let you know that I'm working at Google
> now! Bugzilla will be my "20% project", meaning that Google will pay me
> 20% of the time to work on Bugzilla. Right now, 20% of my time is
> actually an increase in the amount of time I work on Bugzilla!
>         I expect to be available in IRC all the time that I'm at work, although
> I won't *always* be available to actually chat. :-)
>         As far as my consulting business, BugzillaSource, the current plan is
> to wind down operations, although any contracts still in progress will
> be fully completed.
>         If you have any questions, just grab me on IRC and ask!
>         Just wanted to let everybody know and assure the Bugzilla community
> that I'm not abandoning you, and that I fully plan to continue all my
> Bugzilla work.
>         -Max
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Congrats Max!  - Question, will Bugzilla ever work within the Google
Apps environment as a Site page or as an insert to a site page?

 Scott Albright
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