QA work now tracked on bmo

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at
Wed Jan 26 14:10:34 UTC 2011

Hello all,

Per today discussion with justdave on IRC, he agreed that the QA team
now tracks its work on bmo instead of bugzillaqa. I created a "QA Test
Scripts" component dedicated to our QA work, where we can now report
bugs about missing or broken Selenium, RPC and configuration scripts we
use for QA.

There are several reasons for this move:

- We no longer use Testopia, which was the reason we created a separate
Bugzilla installation on landfill to track progress when we were still
testing new releases manually (that was in 2006).

- No need to manage a separate installation ourselves.

- Rather than using the "See Also" field to point to bmo bugs, we can
now simply use the "depends on" or "blocks" fields.

- We can use the same flags as for other bugs, including the blocking
one if some QA stuff MUST be done before a release (such as testing new
or modified webservice methods). This will help us track the real work
needed before future releases.

- New or occasional contributors do not need a separate account to help
with QA.

- The QA activity is two orders of magnitude lower than other Bugzilla
stuff, and so occasional peaks of activity in this area won't flood
other Bugzilla developers nor generate a lot of spam (if any).

- Last but not least, this may give a better visibility of what we do in
the QA area, and may encourage more developers to contribute. Using a
separate Bugzilla installation and a separate IRC channel make us to be
really ignored (though the #qa-bugzilla IRC channel will remain our main
channel for QA).

So to be clear, this move only affects work done around scripts in This has nothing to do with test
scripts being in the t/ or xt/ directory in bugzilla itself.

If you have any question about this move, do not hesitate to contact me,
either by email or on IRC.


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