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wuwenjin kevin.wu86 at
Sun Jan 23 09:41:28 UTC 2011

I want to be a developer of Bugzilla project.  But I don't what skills are
essential to be a developer in Bugzilla.
*Wenjin Wu*

2011/1/23 Max Kanat-Alexander <mkanat at>

>        Hey! So, I feel like since I did the community research, the
> Bugzilla
> community has been a pretty enjoyable place to come and contribute code.
> So I don't feel like there are massive barriers to entry, anymore, and I
> think that many people will stick around if they do show up.
>        However, we need more people to show up! How do we get new
> developers?
> What are some bright ideas for encouraging new people to help out on the
> Bugzilla Project?
>        Also, who would like to be in charge of encouraging new people to
> start
> working on Bugzilla? You don't have to be a developer--anybody with
> ideas or experience in this area would be totally eligible.
>        -Max
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