Bugzilla:Pretty deadline extended to March 7

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Mon Feb 28 11:53:23 UTC 2011

	Hey folks! I've extended the deadline for the Bugzilla:Pretty contest
to March 7. The reason is that we had a lot going on around the 4.0
release and I didn't have the space to remind people that the deadline
was coming up, and the last time I reminded people was a month ago, so
it might have slipped some people's minds. So to make sure that
everybody gets a chance to participate who wanted to, March 7 is now the
new hard deadline.

	For anybody wondering, "March 7" lasts until 11:59:59pm on March 7,
2011 in the Pacific (America/Los_Angeles) timezone. So any entries from
before that time will be accepted.

	By the way, our current entries are pretty amazing, it's going to be a
tough contest:


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