How to integrate Bugzilla with QC

Guy Pyrzak guy.pyrzak at
Fri Feb 18 01:58:11 UTC 2011

I am not familiar with QC but bugzilla does have a plug in architecture that
you can use. We call them extensions.they are fairly straight forward to
write and there are a few examples out there. Just google bugzilla and
On Feb 14, 2011 9:55 AM, "Aaron Evans" <ahdevans at> wrote:
> There are two ways you could go about it.
> 1) Use the OTA API (from HP) to write a script that syncs with Bugzilla
> (it could be called via a hook on bug change in Bugzilla)
> 2) Use the QC Synchronization server to accomplish this.
> #2 is a better technical option, but because of license restrictions, it
> couldn't be released as open source (you need to have a QC license for
> the Sync server SDK.)
> That said, I'd like to tackle this problem. I've recently done some
> integration work with Quality Center and JUnit tests, and I'd like to do
> something similar for Bugzilla. Let me know off list and we can discuss
> it. From another similar post, I suspect it would be considered off topic.
> It's not really a Bugzilla development issue since it concerns an
> external feature. It might be nice to have a plugin architecture for
> Bugzilla for things like this though.
> -Aaron
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> On 2/13/2011 10:55 PM, ShailajaJ wrote:
>> I need to integrate Bugzilla with QC. When ever a bug is posted in
Bugzilla it has to show up in QC along with its attachment and comments. Is
there any way to do this?
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