Make Bugzilla Pretty: A Contest

Bill Barry after.fallout at
Mon Sep 27 19:25:00 UTC 2010

David Lawrence wrote:
> I propose to have the fields marked as "Advanced" to not appear *unless*
> they contain set data, then appear as a read-only value until the the
> "Show Advanced Fields" link is clicked. Then the advanced fields would
> become editable.
Internally here we have discussed having a new preference tab which 
looks a bit like an edit bug page, but all the fields are mocked up 
images of themselves. On this page you would hover over a field and 5 
options would appear:
1. edit basic
2. read basic (with edit link) / edit advanced
3. read always (with edit link)
3. hidden basic / read advanced (with edit link)
4. hidden always

The reasoning for this was that certain fields were entirely unnecessary 
for certain people. Our thought was we could impersonate users and set 
their preferences as desired.

Ultimately we canceled the project because it was determined that the 
new aspects of managing Bugzilla would not be worth the benefits. I am 
not convinced it was a good path to go down anyway.

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