The Bugzilla VCS Extension

Kristis Makris mkgnu at
Fri Sep 3 19:40:55 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-09-01 at 15:26 -0700, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> 	Well, as I understand it, Scmbug is a generic interface between any
> (ideally) bug-tracking system and any (ideally) any version-control system.

Scmbug looks at the problem from the other direction: it offers
intergation of any version control system with any bug-tracking system.
The difference is that if some criteria are not met, a version control
commit operation is rejected and no information is published in the
bug-tracking system.

In my understanding, the VCS extension displays anything published in
the version control system without means of controlling what is accepted
in the version control system.

> 	I haven't used Scmbug enough to say whether or not the VCS extension
> will replace it eventually for Bugzilla, though. I suppose you'd be more
> qualified to answer that.

I am happy to see that it is possible to view in Bugzilla version
control information. I would like to understand how this capability can
be programmed, and add, if possible, support in Scmbug to publish such
VCS information in Bugzilla.

In the past, I requested supported in Bugzilla for providing means of
general autolinkification, and perhaps the time was right back then.

Is the VCS capability driven by some data inserted in the database ?
Would it be possible then for an external tool, like Scmbug, to be
creating such data, synchronously, so that VCS autolinkification can
appear in Bugzilla ?

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