Experimental SQLite Support On Trunk

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Thu Oct 28 22:43:05 UTC 2010

	Hello everybody! As of just now, the trunk Bugzilla code supports
running using SQLite as its database backend!

	There's only one catch: at the moment, you can't upgrade at all, ever.
If you run checksetup.pl to upgrade, it will *tell* you that it upgraded
but will not actually modify the schema. If you want to upgrade, you
have to delete the database files (which will be in data/db/) and start
over. The upgrade code has yet to be written--I plan to write it before 4.2.

	However, as far as I know, all of the features of Bugzilla are working
properly under SQLite. Please test it out and let me know if you run
into any problems or bugs!

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