brazilian portuguese localization

Fabrizio Passari apassari at
Thu Oct 21 17:37:12 UTC 2010

Hello Frédéric,

thanks for the quick reply! Good to know that version 4.1 will simplify this

Regard to the CSV export problem, I have tried with the online version and
got same results. I tried using

and then exporting to CSV. The first line looks like this:

2257,"critical","P2","All","abhramick","NEW","---","Nossa *alteração*"

where it probably should be

2257,"critical","P2","All","abhramick","NEW","---","Nossa *alteração*"

Thanks again

2010/10/20 Frédéric Buclin <lpsolit at>:
> Le 20. 10. 10 21:41, Fabrizio Passari a écrit :
>> relatively easy comparing to e-mails, wich required a change in
> You shouldn't edit anything in You cannot include your own
> file in your pt-br tarball anyway. Note that this problem is
> gone in Bugzilla 4.1.
>> Does anybody know if there is really a problem when exporting to CSV?
> I don't know which problem you are having exactly, but I see no problem
> exporting data in CSV format in other languages. You can test yourself
> on, which has 10 languages
> installed.
> And in no way you should reopen bug 389517. It's unrelated to your
> LpSolit
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