Considering adding a serial counter to bugs_activity

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I pointed out at one point that id columns are needed for future large installations using mssql as without a primarykey you will rowscan, causing exceptionally heavy cost on relatively simple hookups .. Let alone a complex one.
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On 03/09/2010 05:53 PM, David Marshall wrote:
> My first thought is to add an activity_id to table bugs_activity which would
> essentially be a transaction counter.  An external web service client would
> request details about activity that have occurred since event #231234, for
> instance.
> This almost certainly implies including the creation of
> bugs/attachments/comments as entries in bugs_activity.
> Any initial thoughts about this?

	That's something we're going to probably have to do anyway, in order to
have a Bugzilla::ChangeSet object. However, we want the id to be by
ChangeSet, not by each individual field change. There's a bug filed
about creating a bug_update table, which would probably just contain an
id and a date, and then the bugs_activity table could use that id by
reference. Of course, we wouldn't just do this for no reason--we'd have
to be actually using it for some purpose within the Bugzilla codebase,
such as for a Bugzilla::ChangeSet object.

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