show_bug.cgi should provide separate form for adding comments

Axel Dahmen KeenToKnow at Newsgroup.nospam
Sat Mar 6 20:07:00 UTC 2010

Hi there,

recently I was monitoring a bug that was quite active... In order to get the 
latest postings on this bug I refreshed the page regularly and added a new 
comment when appropriate.

Then suddenly, a Mozilla member urged me not to always set the Component 
field back to some other value...

I was quite baffled, because I didn't update any of the fields. I just added 
comments to the bug.  (#546930)

Then I noticed that *all* the fields of a bug get updated whenever a comment 
is added to the bug. And although I had pressed <F5> to refresh the page, 
apparently not all field elements are reset to the page's default value 

I believe adding comments is quite a different task than changing a bug's 
properties. More than that: After a couple of comments have been added to a 
bug, the header information becomes more and more unimportant to the user 
(particularly to a User anyway, I should add).

So I suggest to implement two different forms on the show_bug.cgi page: One 
to update a bug's features and another, distinct, form to add a new comment 
to the bug.

Axel Dahmen 

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