windows installer - eyeballs needed

Byron Jones byron at
Fri Mar 5 08:25:04 UTC 2010

morning all,

i've assembled a windows nsis installer for bugzilla, which installs:

  bugzilla 3.4.5
  strawberry perl

the installer deploys and configures the applications to a point where
bugzilla is ready to run, including installation of the windows services
and addition of scheduled tasks (for collectstats, whining and creating a
database dump for backups).

i would appreciate another set of eyes across the installer, as well as
testing in whatever environment you can get your hands on :)  i've tested
it in windows 2003 and xp.

the setup is at <> and is
about 76 MB.  important nsis files and batch files are under the nsis



byron.jones ::

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