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Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Mon Mar 1 22:16:56 UTC 2010

On 03/01/2010 07:47 AM, Guy Pyrzak wrote:
> But I think you're right Gerv, the "philosophy" is more about
> maintaining and narrowing scopes and features than "philosophy".

	Just for clarity's sake, when I say "Philosophy", I mean definition 7 here:


> Does
> that change anything about the reality of the tool? I don't think it does.

	But this is true, too. :-)

> However, as Max would point out, we can focus on extensions once
> Bugzilla isn't so unwieldy and unfriendly.

	Sure! But I do agree with you about all the other points you made, too.

> Gerv wrote: *To help people fix bugs in software.*
> Max wrote: *To help people store and organize bug reports.*
> I'm not sure either are great, however, Gerv your statement could also
> be applied to an IDE, which are actually used to "help people fix bugs
> in software" in fact if that was Bugzilla's philosophy then we'd need to
> add a debugger,[snip]

	That was my thought too. I did actually have a thought about how to
integrate them, I'm just not too certain that it's right, yet.


	The purpose of Bugzilla is to help people store and organize bug
reports so that they can be addressed.

> To be clear to Gerv, I like your philosophy, but it doesn't fulfill the
> main purpose of stating this philosophy. So I'll state the
> reason/rationale for stating the philosophy....
> *To avoid scope creep and feature enhancements on a product (Bugzilla)
> which is already unwieldy and not user friendly by many accounts*.

	Pretty much. If you want to know a bit more about my thoughts on it:


> So maybe the Bugzilla philosophy for now could be:
> *To not add any big new features that don't serve the purpose of
> simplifying and easing the use of existing features in Bugzilla.*

	:-) That's pretty much been my personal focus lately on the project.
That does seem like our short-term goal at the moment.

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