Bugzilla::WebServices::XMLRPC and User.login

Michael Thomas mockodin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 00:54:26 UTC 2010

Ran in to a bit of a bug, but I am unsure where the bug lives.


server->call('User.login',... syntax works fine, I have a cookie_jar
for storing the cookies and have confirmed 'a' cookie is being
This however is also the problem, only one cookie is recorded client
side, dumping the return header shows that only Bugzilla_logincookie
is being returned.

I played with commenting out set_cookie in
Bugzilla::Auth::Persist::Cookie for 'Bugzilla_logincookie' and ran
that code again, low and behold there came Bugzilla_login.
Next I added another set_cookie immediately after Bugzilla_login and
Bugzilla_logincookie, ran User.login and and only got my new 'test'

For what ever reason only the last defined set_cookie seems to be
passing to the client. Any ideas?

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