Hold CVS Checkins, Moving to Bzr

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Mon Jan 25 11:40:12 UTC 2010

	Hey folks. While I was working on the bzr-to-cvs mirroring script, I
realized that there had been a longstanding bug in the cvs-to-bzr
script--namely, that I had been mirroring the Mozilla CVS to my server
via rsync, but I had forgotten to specify --delete on the rsync command
line, so when CVS moved files around on the Mozilla CVS Server, they
didn't get moved around properly in my mirror. This is why all the
current bzr repositories contain files that we deleted in CVS.

	Naively,  I thought that I could just add --delete to the rsync command
line and everything would be fine! Unfortunately, this broke the
cvs-to-bzr mirror in a way that I can't really recover from now. That
means that any further CVS checkins will cause the bzr mirror to go out
of sync permanently.

	Though it's true that we could overcome this for the next few days by
manually committing to the bzr mirror, I thought that it might instead
be better to simply take this opportunity to switch to bzr, since
everything is actually ready except the bzr-to-cvs mirroring script,
which is almost done.

	So if it's OK with everybody, I think that we'll switch to bzr in 24 to
48 hours. I'll post information all about the bzr server once everything
is ready.

	Any objections to that plan?

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