Self-Introduction: Kent Rogers

Kent Rogers kar at
Thu Jan 21 15:05:05 UTC 2010

Name: Kent Rogers
IRC: mrbball
Location: St. Paul, MN, USA

I've been unofficially contributing to Bugzilla for a bit and I figured
it was time to make it official.

I've been working on dev tools (testing, SCM, bug tracking, release
mgmt) for most of the last 20 years at Cray Research, Silicon Graphics,
and now Cray Inc.  At Cray, we decided to switch from an ancient,
proprietary bug tracking system to Bugzilla in 2007 (over TeamTrack,
thank goodness!) and I've been customizing/maintaining it since.

At SGI (early 2000s) we had a proprietary bug tracker that was extremely
similar to Bugzilla but had a couple very nice features that Bugzilla
doesn't.  Some day maybe I'll get around to remembering what they were
and filing some bugs ...

I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades, knowing enough different tools &
technologies (Apache, Perl, Python, SQL, Subversion, TT, ...) to be
dangerous and implement a fair number of features/fixes.  Unfortunately
I don't quite know enough to always be convinced they are the *best*
solutions.  I'm working on it. ;-)

I've obviously focused on the features that are highest priority
in-house (usually UI-related) and will continue to do so, but those
features seem to be increasingly applicable to the base.  I've added a
few patches here and there lately and will continue contributing as
often as possible/applicable.

Right now I'm working on patches for bugs 286041 & 514618 that I plan on
contributing soon.  Can someone assign those bugs to me?


- Kent

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