Easier Patch Submission? Is it possible?

Jochen Wiedmann jochen.wiedmann at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 08:26:42 UTC 2010

In a similar thread a long time ago, I expressed my uneasiness with
the review process. My argument was, that reviewers should not always
insist in complete or perfect  patches, depending on the issue. I'd
rather see the committer understand what I am doing, modify my
changes, if he feels the need (for whatever reason) and pulls it in.
At least, I'd clearly prefer this, if it could help to reduce the
number of iterations: In the end, it could save my time and the
committers, who wouldn't need to add another review.

At that time, my proposal was refused, mostly with the argument that
the contributior "feels better", because the patch is "100% his".
However, my impression hasn't changed: Being a long time committer on
several Apache projects, where I follow my suggested approach, I feel
that it is much easier to get patches in than into Bugzilla.


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