Bzr Commit Message Format

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at
Tue Jan 12 00:19:50 UTC 2010

Le 12. 01. 10 00:58, Max Kanat-Alexander a écrit :
> 	So it seems like we should change the format of our commit messages.
> I'm not quite sure how we should do that, though. I was thinking maybe
> just a brief summary of the change and then the r= stuff on the same
> line? Or the r= stuff on the next line? What do you guys think?

Why not just use what we currently use for CVS?

Bug 123456: Crash when hitting Ctrl+P - Patch by Foo Bar
< at> r=reviewer a=approver

I know the "Patch by Foo Bar < at>" part is mostly obsoleted
by the --author argument, but I would like tooltips in the annotated
file to contain this whole information as it makes tracking bugs much
easier. So the current tooltips in Loggerhead would need to be hacked to
reflect that (keeping what we currently have in Bonsai would be great).


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