Raindrop, mailing lists and Majordomo

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Sun Jan 3 08:09:54 UTC 2010

Gervase Markham wrote on 11/20/09 5:27 AM:
> http://www.melez.com/mykzilla/2009/11/skinny-on-raindrops-mailing-list.html
> says that:
> "Majordomo2 (used by the Bugzilla and OpenBSD projects, among others) is
> not supported, because it doesn't send List-* headers (alhough
> supposedly it can be configured to do so)."
> Is ours configured to do so? If not, can it be?

It wasn't... it is now.  I put it in the global default config, so it
applies to every list on bugzilla.org now.

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