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Bill Barry after.fallout at
Tue Feb 23 19:18:21 UTC 2010

Gervase Markham wrote:
>> 3) Out of the box SVN integration showing the svn commits along the tickets
> Hmm. Is there an intermediate interface here we could write to which
> would allow pluggable SCM backends?
The incoming email interface makes for a very simple way to write 
anything to bugs from outside systems.  Perhaps some better 
documentation there (maybe a whole page/chapter in the book on it) would 
be a good start (perhaps shipping with contrib hooks for some popular 
systems: git, hg, bzr, cvs and svn)? As for other potential integration 

One could use custom fields to create some sort of bisection table 
(known good revisions, known bad revisions); integration here could 
consist of links to the revisions in some type of viewvc related app 
(maybe it could simply be a custom field that works like the 
blocks/dependson fields but has a configurable hyperlink generator string).

The patch reader related functionality (I don't remember what it is 
called anymore, I havent used/looked at it in years) should have the 
ability to allow the user to click a button which would write the file 
to the server somewhere and then call a hook script with the filename. 
Example contrib scripts could then be written which could commit patches 
to various popular VCSes.

None of these really need any kind of VCS abstraction interface. 
Integration with any VCS popular enough that someone cares to write some 
integration hooks and example documentation should be as simple as 
merely enabling the hooks (by following the documentation). What I have 
found harder than writing these hooks (I wrote email_in based hooks for 
both svn and hg) is figuring out how to go about getting them into 
bugzilla's contrib (or somewhere else that people might notice them and 
that the howto could be easily followed) folder and what to do about 
documenting some sort of howto in a place where it might actually be 
noticed by a potential user.

The point is, I don't think this is so much a problem with the available 
interfaces as it is with communicating the knowledge of how to use them 
and what others have already done.
>> 4) Integrated wiki that could be used as our home page till the
>> project has the time to create a proper web site with easy linking to
>> commits and tickets
> Yeah... I'm not sure we are ever going to have that.
(more to the OP here than to Gerv, I am just being lazy here with only 
intending to reply once instead of individually to both mails)
Personally I cannot stand the new home page with the 3 giant buttons, 
but I see its point and concede that I have yet to come up with anything 
better to do here (or a desire to write a patch). Perhaps with the 
[relatively] new extension related functionality someone could write a 
simplistic wiki extension to replace the home page. I doubt it is on the 
radar of any of the core devs for several reasons:
1. it is a reasonably large undertaking for a project as mature as 
Bugzilla (new code = new bugs = more support needed)
2. it isn't part of the project goals (heard many times now: Bugzilla is 
a bug tracker, not an overall project management application)
3. it simply isn't an itch that anybody has taken the time to scratch
>> 5) Nice way to connect bugs and SVN commits in the display. (r123 in
>> bug reports autolinking to revisions 123 and #76 in commits
>> autolinking to ticket 76)
> It would be great if there was a GUI way to expand the autolinker -
> define a regexp, then a URL with a %s in it or something.
Oooh, is there a bug for this that I can vote on?

As far as linking inside SVN to bugzilla, that is up to your SVN related 
applications. TortoiseSvn does support this at least via folder properties:

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