Mozilla in the Google Summer of Code 2010

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Feb 22 21:04:42 UTC 2010

[Please respect the Followup-To header, although questions about the
process should probably come straight to me.]

The Google Summer of Code is running again this year[0]. :-) This is an
opportunity for students to be paid by Google to work on open source
software, mentored by community members. Selected free software projects
are asked to provide a list of ideas that students can work on. Last
year, Mozilla had ten slots, from all across the project.

So, Mozilla people, please visit the Brainstorming page at:

and, after having read and carefully considered How To Make Good
Suggestions, put down ideas for Summer of Code projects. Ideas where you
are willing to mentor, or where you have found someone who is, are much
more likely to make it to the Approved Ideas page.

Mentoring is not a massive commitment, and may help to get a new person
involved in your area of your project, reducing your workload in the
long run. So it's well worth doing :-)

Applications for mentoring organizations open on March 8th, and if we
are going to get chosen, we need to have a decent list of potential
projects available by then so Google can see we are serious. So please
do consider whether you have a suitable idea to submit.




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