Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Feb 22 17:17:46 UTC 2010

On 16/02/10 17:43, Jean-Marc Desperrier wrote:
> At my company, that's one of the reason we're not using it. Not the only
> reason, there's also the fact it had from start the image of being ugly
> looking and complex

This is another complexity penalty we pay, even before people get it
installed and try to use it. Having 20 or more fields on the default
show_bug page scares people away.

> (and based on perl I have to say, but if all the
> rest had been right ...) , but when the person in charge of having a go
> at all the tools tried to install it, failed, spent more time trying,
> failed again, then ended the report with "I couldn't install it", when
> he had had success installing most of the other tools in minutes, it was
> the final nail in the coffin.

It doesn't help that our install documentation is hard to follow due to
layout limitations caused by our technical solution, and that's hard to
fix because the technical solution also makes refactoring it hard. (And
because it's compiled, we review it like code rather than like
documentation - or, at least, we used to last time I tried to refactor it.)

All of these little bumps in the road add up. If people can just install
trac using a single command, many people will just be happy with that.

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