Dan Wierenga dwierenga at
Wed Feb 17 17:46:31 UTC 2010

On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 6:58 PM, Byron Jones <byron at> wrote:
> when i was looking at building a windows installer for bugzilla i emailed
> mysql for clarification.  the response was that unless the open source
> product is licensed as gpl, you're not able to bundle mysql in your
> installer.  this was several years ago however.

Ok, fine.  MySQL has issues. However, PostgreSQL is released under a
MIT/BSD style license.

The idea of a Windows installer isn't to give the full-fledged
spectrum of choices to the naive Windows user.  The idea is to give
them SOMETHING that's fully supported by the Bugzilla Project, and
give it to them in an easy to install clickable package.

So, the installer gives them Apache, and PostgreSQL, and
ActiveState/Strawberry Perl as well. Those who truly need the
installer won't care what DB or webserver they use, those who like the
installer probably won't either, and those who are technically savvy
enough to not need and not like the installer can configure things

Sure, it'd be nice if the installer grew to something that offered the
full array of choices (assuming licensing can be worked out in the
future).  But seriously... baby steps!  Let's get SOMETHING working
before we try to get everything working.

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