Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at
Wed Feb 17 12:23:47 UTC 2010

Le 17. 02. 10 01:48, Joel Peshkin a écrit :
> Would it be reasonable to provide an installer that does the following....
> 1) Checks for perl ... if no Perl ...  pop up instructions to install
> Perl first and quit
> 2) Check for perl modules, if modules are missing, ask PPM to install them.
> 3) Prompt the user for Mysql connection information.  Test the
> connection, if it doesn't work, pop up instructions to install/configure
> 4) Offer to start a perl-based Webserver for Bugzilla.

I filed a bug 6 months ago on my local Bugzilla about creating an
installer for Windows. Then I had no time to look at it in greater
details, so I still have no idea whether it's relatively simple or not
to build. When I filed my bug, I had three ideas in mind:
- Inno Setup
- Perl::Win32::GUI on Win32 and Gtk2 on Linux.

Then it seemed to me that NSIS was more powerful than Inno Setup.

I don't think we need to update our installer for each new release. What
I had in mind was to combine the current Bugzilla tarball with the
installer in a single NSIS executable, and the executable would untar
the Bugzilla tarball, then do what Joel proposed:
1) Check for Perl. If no Perl installed, suggest to install it (with a
URL to the download page of ActivePerl). We should only point to the
download page rather than to a specific Perl version so that we always
point to the more recent ActivePerl release.
2) Check for Perl modules, and call PPM itself if needed to install
missing modules.
3) If the MySQL is not running, offer to download it, and offer a URL to
the MySQL download page, again to always point to the more recent release.
4) Same for Apache.

So the installer wouldn't need to be updated as it wouldn't include any
specific software with it. It would simply point to the download pages
of MySQL, Apache and ActivePerl when they are missing.

I don't know if NSIS can do it. Else I don't know how MSI works, but I
would be happy to try. I would just need some free time and why not
someone with some experience with MSI to help. :)


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