Voting is now an Extension, looking for a maintainer

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Mon Feb 15 23:26:19 UTC 2010

	So recently, I was looking over the highest-voted items in the Bugzilla
product, and several of the top items were related to the voting system.
Also, one of the "3.6 focus" items was "move voting into an extension".

	So, on trunk, I have now moved voting into an extension called Voting.
For at least the next few releases of Bugzilla, this extension will ship
with Bugzilla. However, it is now an entirely-self-contained piece of
code that should be easier to hack on for anybody who wants to enhance
or work on it. Eventually, I'd like to separate it from Bugzilla and
find a maintainer who really cares about the voting system and wants to
maintain it themselves. If anybody wants to step up to start working on
it now and addressing some of the requests that remain filed on about voting, then I'd be happy to help them get up
to speed with the extension and how it works.

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