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Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Feb 15 14:32:33 UTC 2010

On 11/02/10 18:48, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> 	Also, by the way, if you stopped presenting new users with the Bugzilla
> Helper and just used the default Simple Form in Bugzilla 3.4, I suspect
> that filing a bug would become a far less painful experience.

I agree we need to change something here... but does the simple form
encourage or help people to search for existing bugs first? If not, how
could that be incorporated?

> 	Yeah, I agree. I believe my most last suggestion in this area was that
> Mozilla should hire several full-time bug triagers.

That may or may not happen; but it shouldn't stop us looking at ways
that we can change the software to make them less necessary :-)

> 	Hmm. I do agree that there are a lot of cases where certain data just
> isn't very important, particularly Platform/OS. Translating those into
> tags might be reasonable, but I worry that then we'd shift the burden of
> setting them properly *entirely* onto developers instead of how it is
> now, where it's just *mostly* on developers (or the fields are ignored).

How would that be significantly worse? At least the responsibility is
clear in the new world.

>> This problem is basically solved by multi-state flags, except that it's
>> not just me: the accessibility team, the JS team, etc are all running
>> similar projects and would like project-specific classifications. Having
>> 30 multi-state flags down the right side of the bugzilla UI doesn't scale.
> 	Hmm....

Quite :-) Here is the problem Mozilla has been struggling with for
years. We started with keywords, then moved to flags, and have now moved
to custom fields. None are ideal. What we really need is proper branch
support - although (and see my comments in that bug) there's a danger
that you are going to implement it and it won't be suitable either!

> 	A simple solution that would retain the current UI might be to only add
> one of those "multi-state flags" (which are a hack on custom fields
> that's specific to bmo) if they are somehow specifically set by the user
> (so, say, a link like "add a flag" that pops up a <select> that lets you
> choose a flag to add).

A cousin of the UI I'm suggesting for bug relationships, then? ;-)

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