Why Not Y!?

David Marshall dmarshal at yahoo-inc.com
Fri Feb 12 20:59:19 UTC 2010

Hi all,

This is very informal, totally optional (of course), and entirely a matter
of curiosity for me.

Last March, I sent email to this mailing list announcing that Yahoo! was
hiring an additional Bugzilla developer.  I received a number of inquiries,
for which I'm grateful.  To be honest, though, I expected more interest than
I saw.

We're not currently hiring anyone for Bugzilla, and I don't know when/if we
will be next, so this isn't a preface to a similar announcement.

However, I'm interested in why any given person chose not to express any
interest.  For a number of people (some who wrote and some who didn't), it's
not desirable or feasible to move to California.  Others are very happy with
what they're doing and don't want to do something else (like me!).  Some
people don't want to be or cannot be a full-timer at a big company.  That's
all completely understandable.

I'd really like to hear from you if you were looking for a job or were
thinking about it at the time but decided not to express interest in my
posting.  Was there anything about the description or Yahoo! itself that
made you decide against?  Was there anything *not* in the description or
some area in which you think Yahoo! is lacking that made you decide against?

As I said above, this is very informal.  I am just gathering information to
see whether it supports certain hypotheses.  Unless I ask for and receive
your explicit permission to share your remarks (anonymously) with others at
Yahoo!, I'll regard your communication as private between us.

If you would prefer to email me at some other email address, please find me
on #mozwebtools (as dwm), and I'll give you my personal email address.

Thank you very much!

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