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Fri Feb 12 12:15:12 UTC 2010

On 11/02/10 22:22, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> Maybe it is just me and no one of the other readers think
> the same but I am still not sure if the Bugzilla team likes the fact
> that it is written in Perl or that you hate every inch of it?

I personally am very happy it's written in Perl.

I have experience using Catalyst for the BzAPI project
( and I would second the
comments of those who say it is extremely poorly documented. I even
bought the book "The Definitive Guide to Catalyst" and thought I could
take them to the Advertising Standards Authority about both the words
"Definitive" and "Guide". It was terrible.

> For one thing if the Bugzilla web site (and the product itself) was
> proudly saying that it is based on Perl (with logo, link to
> that would certainly start creating some warm feelings
> in the community.

I'd be happy to see that.

> Also - again IMHO - Bugzilla needs to send the message of using
> *modern tools* in its development. (e.g. CVS  still being the
> recommended way to fetch the source code is NOT sending this
> messages). 

I agree. We have switched to bzr for development, and should be
recommending this to everyone, even anonymous checkers-out.

We use a product called Bugzilla for bug tracking - do you think that's
modern enough?


> not using Makefile.PL or Build.PL,

Could you explain a bit more about what we would be using them for? We
don't have any compiled bits...

> not using "standard" CPAN layout:
>    modules in    ROOT/lib/
>    command line scripts in       ROOT/script
>    cgi scripts in some other directory (e.g. I use ROOT/www)

Now that we are in a proper SCM, moving files around has suddenly got a
whole lot easier. I guess the issue with switching to this layout is
that everyone upgrading would have to change their Apache configuration.
Wouldn't they?

> I'll try to allocate some time and look at the project to give you
> more unwanted suggestions and maybe even a few patches.

Thank you :-)

> I think if you would like to attract more people from that community
> you should start blogging about Bugzilla and how its Perl code works.
> What are your main challenges in the code base, what are you going to
> do about it. How people could get involved.

Sounds great.

> I am not sure if it should be done on
> or on some other blog (maybe on ) but I am quite sure
> the entires should appear on both and on
> that are read by many people.

Are those aggregators? I'm sure we could submit the Bugzilla updates
blog to them.

> I am sorry if this got a bit too long and if it sounds too paternalistic
> but the project I started is called Padre, so you might blame it on that ;-)

Everyone's opinion, politely expressed, is welcome.

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