Fwd: REST APIs, and Tags

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 13:32:29 UTC 2010

Le 10. 02. 10 17:24, Benjamin Smedberg a écrit :
> Could you be specific? I'm not trying to troll here, but I'd like to
> understand what complex queries are actually effective today and would
> not be if most of our metadata was optional.

Hum, yesterday I had an obvious example in mind when typing this, but I
cannot remember it exactly right now. It had to do with flags, where you
could query for bugs which have a flag, but not with some status (e.g.
exclude all approval flags which are not approval+). Sorry Benjamin if
you had the impression I was being rude yesterday. :)

My two main worries are 1) that it's harder to remember the exact syntax
of each label/tag. With our current design, you have each field
separately, with a list of values you can choose from. That's not prone
to errors. With labels/tags, you have to remember the exact syntax of a
label (type componnent:Attachments instead of component-Attachment, and
you are lost, and it will take you ages to find what's wrong with your
query or why a bug isn't listed, because it has a wrongly typed label).
Also, 2) with our current design, I know exactly where to look at for a
given information, because a field is always at the exact same place in
a bug report. With tags, I fear my eyes have to scan the whole list of
tags all the time to know if such or such attribute is present. Doing a
lot of triage myself, it's a real pain if I cannot anticipate where to
look at. Also, how do you display information in buglists, if everything
are tags?

Gerv, I'm not saying Google is wrong and Bugzilla is the right way to
display or use metadata. I'm saying that you cannot use labels
everywhere and all the time. And by looking at the Google bug tracker, I
see that a tag of the form foo-bar is nothing more than the foo field
with the bar value, displayed "as tags". But I don't see them as being
real tags, just another way to display data in the UI. This explains how
they manage to still display the information in buglists. So it's rather
a UI thing than a real rethink of the whole way Bugzilla works.

I hope I'm clearer.


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