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Fri Dec 17 06:30:28 UTC 2010

Hi All,

The next part of the UI discussion series...

For logged out users most of the feedback was about cleaning up the links
under the quicksearch and hopefully over time changing quicksearch to just
"search", more about that in a later post. There was also discussion about
removing the create account link, however, mkanat pointed out it is useful
for smaller installations where the first thing new employees do is "sign up
for an account".

For logged in users we've agreed that we should implement a dashboard like
interface. At a minimum we'd like to support displaying some saved search or
some good default searches. If we wanted to get fancy we could even support
open social. This was mostly because it would make it really easy for people
to create new widgets into the dashboard as well as allow Bugzilla to export
its dashboard widgets to other dashboards like google or yahoo's homepage.
This was more pie in the sky, and not going to happen for the first version
of the dashboard.

Many were concerned about performance and making sure we didn't kill our
servers. Pete had some great ideas about caching the results client side
using some HTML5 storage, or possibly cookies so that the searches are
faster. We should have many examples to pull from, but most of this
development will have to wait till after the Search Webservice is complete.

My hope is to get this dashboard capability done for 4.2.

It's getting pretty late and I don't have time to write any more of these
today, so stay tuned till tomorrow for more info about our UI discussion.

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