Need Help with C# Reviews, for MS-SQL Support!

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Wed Apr 7 04:41:00 UTC 2010

	Hey everybody! So, I've started to review the contributed patches for
MS-SQL support, and it's coming along, but there's one problem! Some of
the patches are in C#, and although I can read it, I don't have enough
experience writing C# for MS-SQL to feel that I can confidently review
the contribution. So, I'd really like somebody from the community (or
perhaps many people) who have some C# experience to take a look at the
patch on this bug:

	At the end is a bunch of C# and Visual Studio project files, and I'd
really like somebody to take a look at it for code clarity,
implementation, and security. Even if the existing patch there already
has "review-" on it, don't fear--that's just me reviewing the Perl code;
I'm not touching the C# stuff.

	If you'd really like to see MS-SQL support (or if you just happen to
have some C# experience and would like to contribute to Bugzilla), this
is the way to help! :-)

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